Features and Functionality for your Account

Features and Functionality for your Account

Features and Functionality for your Account

All customers are licensed to use ALL these features (and more) regardless of which plan or bundle you select.

Inbound Calls

Simultaneous Ring / One number: Receive calls to up to five phones all ring simultaneously, or by a variety of business rules.

Call Forwarding or trunking: Setup calls to forward when you are on the phone or if you do not answer.

Do Not Disturb: Automatically forward calls to voicemail or play a busy tone if you do not wish to be disturbed.

Call Queuing: Choose whether to answer another call if you are already on the phone.

Call Rejection Options: Choose whether to accept calls from Anonymous callers and specify your own list of blacklisted numbers.

Call Screening Options: Choose whether to screen all or just anonymous incoming calls.

Voicemail Service: Set your Voicemail PIN number and select whether to disable the service.

Auto Attendant: Create your own auto attendant prompts for callers.

Directed or Group Call Pickup: Pickup an incoming call to another phone on your account.

Outbound VoIP Calls

Authorization PIN Code: Setup an authorization Pin Code to protect any calls made on your account.

Speed Dial: Program 8 speed-dial numbers so you can quickly make calls by entering a single digit.

Call Privacy and Caller ID: Choose whether to make anonymous calls by blocking or replacing your own Caller ID.

Last Number Redial: Dial *66 to redial the last number you called.

Call Return: Dial *69 to dial the last number that called you.

Advanced Features

Call Recording: Setup your call recording options for all your inbound and outbound calls are automatically recorded or not.

Conferencing: Use your YourYourCloudPBX number and create a room to talk with others at the same time.

Remote Call Back: Call your YourYourCloudPBX number from any phone. When you hear ringing, hang up and you will be called back – so you can make a call from YourYourCloudPBX.

Remote Dial Tone: Make calls from your YourYourCloudPBX account from another phone by remotely dialing in to initiate the call.

Call Transfers: During a call, you can transfer the other person to a new number by dialing #0 for an attended transfer or ## for a blind transfer.

Caller Tunes & Hold Music: Upload your own MP3’s to replace ringing when people call you and set up your own music on hold.


Auto Top-up & Notifications: Automatically top up your account and change account balance and call duration notification thresholds when making calls.

Personal Information: Change your personal details including the name and caller ID displayed when making calls.

Extension Dialling: Setup a short extension number for each line on your account to dial your numbers more quickly.

Time and Login Options: Set your preferred language, timezone and date options.

Time Schedules: Change the default settings for time schedules such as your hours of work and available hours.

Voice Quality & Networking: Choose your voice and video call quality preferences and network preferences.

SIP Peering: If you have an IP PBX directly connected to the Internet you configure your account as a SIP peer (Advanced users).

YourYourCloudPBX PLUS VoIP Solution

YourYourCloudPBX’s new calling platform YourYourCloudPBX PLUS that now adds:

Agent and Queuing: Up to 10 agents or front office personnel with the ability to queue calls applying a variety of common Call Centre rules.

Hunt Groups: Select up to 10 numbers to hunt through for incoming calls and specify different timeouts for each hunt attempt.

Call Forward Unreachable or Network Call Forward: Allows users to set a call forward number for when their device is unreachable or unregistered – for example in the event of a power or DSL outage. This is in addition to our Call forward always, busy and no answer services.

TCP SIP: Users can now choose between UDP or TCP SIP. TCP SIP offers reliable communication of SIP traffic and support for longer NAT (Network Address Translation) timeouts and will also enable support of ‘TCP only’ platforms such as Microsoft Lync/OCS to connect to YourYourCloudPBX and take advantage of our great VoIP packages.

TLS****Support: provides a secure encrypted transmission of SIP for deployments that require increased security. You should connect to au.tlssip.com as your proxy/host using TCP port 5061.

Secure RTP/SRTP: YourYourCloudPBX+ supports Secure RTP connections from devices that support the protocol. SRTP allows for secure transmission of the media/audio stream for deployments that require increased security.

G.722 Wideband 16KHZ: which provides high-quality superior audio on calls. G.722 is supported by a number of devices including Polycom.

Improved redundancy: Using our own Internet address space enables us to multi-home all services allowing automatic failover from one hosting provider to another in the event of an upstream outage or network issue. We’ve also increased automation for failover in the unlikely event of system issues or hardware failures, allowing us to switch to backup/standby systems in seconds.

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