Feature Short Codes

Feature Short Codes

Feature Short Codes

While many of the short codes below such as DND and Call Forward are now standard programmable softkeys of any handset, some like "blind and attended transfer" or some of the DND privacy options are handy additions.

NOTE: Wherever you see 'xxx' below, this refers to a number you enter:

Popular Codes
*55Access Voicemail Portal
*88Group Pickup
##Perform a ‘blind’ transfer to another number (if not disabled)
#0Perform an ‘attended’ transfer to another number (if not disabled)
*55Access Voicemail Portal
*99Voice Portal Menus
Forwarding and Locate Me
*72xxxCall Forward Always Activation
*73Call Forward Always Deactivation
*92xxxCall Forward No Answer Activation
*93all Forward No Answer Deactivation
*90xxxCall Forward on Busy Activation
*91Call Forward on Busy Deactivation
*561xxxEnable and Set ‘Locate Me’ Number 1
*571Deactivate ‘Locate Me’ Number 1
*562xxxEnable and Set ‘Locate Me’ Number 2
*572Deactivate ‘Locate Me’ Number 2
*563xxxEnable and Set ‘Locate Me’ Number 3
*573Deactivate ‘Locate Me’ Number 3
Do Not Disturb and Privacy Options
*78Do Not Disturb Activation
*79Do Not Disturb Deactivation
*30Caller ID Blocking Activation
*31Caller ID Blocking Deactivation
*77Anonymous Call Rejection Activation
*87Anonymous Call Rejection Deactivation
*60xxxSelective Call Rejection (Blacklist) Addition
*80xxxSelective Call Rejection (Blacklist) Removal
*65xxxMake a call with Caller ID visible
*67xxxMake a call with Caller ID blocked
*32Anonymous caller screening Activation
*33All callers screening Activation
*34Call screening Deactivation
Remote callback/dial-tone options
*94xxxRemote Dialtone Service Number Addition
*95xxxRemote Dialtone Service Number Removal
*96xxxRemote Call-back Service Number Addition
*97xxxRemote Call-back Service Number Removal
*98xxxRemote Access Authorisation Pin Setup
*98Removal of Remote Access Authorisation Pin (Trusted ANI only)
Auto Attendant options
*22Record your auto attendant message/menu for callers
*23Playback your auto attendant message/menu
*24Activate the auto attendant service on your line
*25Deactivate the auto attendant service on your line
Conferencing options
*40Activate conferencing for my number (turn into conference room)
*41Deactivate conferencing for my number
*42Access your own conference room
Group Pickup options
*88Group Pickup
*89Directed Group Pickup
*89xDirected Group Pickup (with specified pickup number)
Other options
*61Call Waiting Activation
*81Call Waiting Deactivation
*69Call Return (Call back your last caller)
*66Last Number Redial
*51Who last called me?
*37xxx SetAuthorisation Pin Code
*37 Remove Authorisation Pin Code (no digits after *37)
*74xProgram Speed Dial 8 (x can be 2-9)
*52Toggle to activate/deactivate YourCloudPBX voicemail system
*54nSet Call Diversion Timer where ‘n’ is number of seconds
Feature codes during a call
##Perform a ‘blind’ transfer to another number (if not disabled)
#0Perform an ‘attended’ transfer to another number (if not disabled)
*1Start/Stop a manual recording of a call (if not disabled)
*0Disconnect from a call
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