Configuring International DIDs

Configuring International DIDs

Configuring International DIDs

If you have purchased an international DID through your Service Provider you can use Call Forwarding to forward the calls to a local number or alternately register the DID to make outgoing calls through the overseas DID.

Configuring an International DID
  • To redirect an international number to an Australian number see Call Forwarding.
  • To register an Australian DID to make calls through an overseas DID see Outbound trunking.
Helpful Tips
  • Number format: Copy the format of the number displayed for example NZ 092804655.
  • Password: Use the main account password or alternately line password if restricted.
  • Proxy:
  • Call forwarding charges: Local calls made to those numbers using a Call forward back to on-net DID’s are treated as on-net and are therefore free of charge.
  • Outgoing calls charges: Calls made from your overseas numbers attract an international phone surcharge.
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