Caller ID (CLI) and Call Privacy

Caller ID (CLI) and Call Privacy

Caller ID (CLI) and Call Privacy

By using your account you have the option to show, block or showcase your business main number when making outbound calls.

Caller ID Privacy Options

You have the option to show or block your caller ID (also called Calling Line Identification CLI) with your outbound calls.

Set your Caller ID privacy

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Select Switchboard.
  3. Select the number you want to set up Caller ID on.
  4. Select Outbound.
  5. Select Caller ID &Privacy.
  6. Choose, type of caller ID, number from your account, a non-account number, your number or block your number.
  7. Click Save to update settings.

Caller ID Settings Options: present any account DID as the outgoing Caller ID. For example, if your main company number is (02) 9098 0970 but your number is (02) 9098 0972, use "Present: a phone number from your account" to present as (02) 9098 0970 as the Caller ID.

Present a Non-Account number

Non-account numbers can be presented on outbound calls, subject to verification that you are the number(s) owner.

Setting up a Non-Account Number

  1. In Caller ID &Privacy select "Present" field and choose the option "Non-Account number".
  2. Click on Verify a Non-Account Number. Input your number to register it and click to Verify Number.
  3. To verify, answer the call as prompted, and enter the 8 digit verification PIN code number which should be displayed in a pop-up window.
  4. After you verify your non-account number, it will be available for selection under field Number.
  5. Click Save to update Settings.

Solution: Multi-business offices

A group of separate company’s lease a shared office that includes an outbound calling on behalf of each tenant. Using the Caller ID function SysAdmin’s can map a receptionist line to show the correct CLI.

For example:
Company A DID is 02 8910 7500
Company B DID is 02 8910 7600
Company C DID is 02 8910 7700

Using the Caller ID feature you can associate DID lines, not on your account which are then displayed as the Caller ID.

Line 1 02 8910 7501 -> 02 8910 7500
Line 2 02 8910 7502 -> 02 8910 7600
Line 3 02 8910 7503 -> 02 8910 7700

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